Centre for Continuing Professional Development


Continuing professional development is an on-going and systematic process of achieving, maintaining, and enhancing the requisite abilities to perform assigned duties in the ever-evolving workplace. Accordingly, NICMAR Centre for Continuing Professional Development (CCPD) aspires to build conscious and purposeful learning into the routine of NICMAR fraternity.

NICMAR believes in providing full support to its faculty and staff for their continuous professional evolution. CCPD provides such a space where meaningful interactions are enabled through a wide variety of activities and events. CCPD endeavours to foster a culture of sharing, caring and mutual learning in the organization. Such initiatives establish NICMAR as a learning organization, continuously advancing its core strength. Through the programs conducted by CCPD, the participants embark on a journey of self-awareness and self-learning. Such conscious knowledge development is the hallmark of a good organization and CCPD facilitates this on an on-going basis. We also provide customised training programs related to the below mentioned areas for the industry.


NICMAR Centre for Continuing Professional Development (CCPD) seeks to support faculty and staff in building and broadening professional capabilities. The objectives of the Centre are as follows: