Centre for Smart and Resilient Development

Centre for Smart and Resilient Development

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Smart action to become resilient to the escalating climate crisis is the need of the hour. All development sectors bear the responsibility to find ways of mitigation and yet sustain social and economic well-being. However, the cost of adaptation to the changing situation is very high. Robust research is required to find pragmatic solutions to meet global emission reduction targets and attain a climate-sensitive and resilient future. While building and construction activities account for 38% of CO2 emissions, there is an equivalent necessity of stepping up critical disaster resilient infrastructure. NICMAR, through its Centre for Smart and Resilient Development, is committed to research for a climate-responsive construction sector in India with a holistic approach in synergising Government policies, private initiatives and practices.


The centre will act as a catalyst to plan and deliver smart, resilient, economically competitive, low carbon infrastructure projects and developments and co-create knowledge with multidisciplinary and global partnerships.


The centre aims to contribute and participate in the research towards finding social, economic and technology solutions to the real-world challenges in the path of low carbon, smart and resilient development through partnering with stakeholders.


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