COVID -19 Advice for Students

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"Coronavirus disease 2019" (abbreviated "COVID-19") pandemic has spread over the whole world and has influenced our life and living to a great extent. The evolving situation has forced our way of working by adding new dimensions. This is a significant challenge, and the reality is we need to create and adopt a safe working environment within our community. NICMAR understands that academic premises, hostels, libraries, and other related areas are our working space, and these areas are the potential source of infection. In light of such a situation, NICMAR has prepared preventive protocol in the form of 'Standard Operating Procedure in the Post COVID-19 Pandemic Scenario'. The document attempts to envisage guidelines to make our working space safer without compromising the effectiveness and efficiency during post COVID- 19 period. The document has been prepared, taking into account various policies, directives, and advisories given by different Universities, Institutes, and Authorities. The defined set of guidelines needs to be strictly adhered to for the safety of individuals, colleagues, faculty members, staff members, and society at large. The SOP will be applicable at all the places in the respective campus of NICMAR.

For Pune Campus

Following the latest order of Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune, dated 08th October 2021, permitting to conduct sessions in classes. As per the guidelines given by the Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune, NICMAR Pune Campus, will organize to conduct off-line classes on-campus of Term VI from 08th November 2021. Students who have taken both doses of the Covid19 vaccine will only be permitted to come to the Institute and attend the session in-class rooms. However, students traveling from outside Pune district need to carry RTPCR test report along with them to come to the campus. The option of online classes will be available to attend online sessions from your home. Students vaccinated with both the doses and who wish to join the classes from the classroom are requested to plan their travel and send your request for a hostel room to the Hostel department and make the hostel/mess payments. Hostel/mess charges will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Any change in the Covid-19 restrictions by the Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune, will be communicated.

Generic preventive measures

The following public health measures need to be followed by all students, and visitors to reduce the risk of COVID-19 at NICMAR campus:

  • Students must submit a consent form within the given
  • Use of face covers/masks is mandatory by
  • The physical distancing of 6 feet to be followed within the campus
  • Frequent handwashing with soap (for at least 40-60 seconds) even when hands are not visibly dirty. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers for sanitization (for at least 20 seconds) wherever
  • Students are advised to avoid direct hand touching to any surfaces like staircase handrails, door/window shutters, table/benches tops, switches,
  • Student should dispose their used face masks, hand gloves etc in the allocated covered dustbins.
  • Respiratory etiquettes  need to be strictly followed by all. This involves the strict practice of covering one’s mouth and nose while coughing/sneezing with a tissue/ handkerchief/flexed elbow and disposing of used tissues
  • Spitting in the campus premises is strictly
  • Installation & use of the Aarogya Setu app is
  • Any gathering of students on the campus will not be

Standard procedure for returning to campus

  • All students must enter the campus from the designated gate only. It is also mandatory for all students and their parents/relatives to wear a face
  • Student should identify themselves at the main gate by displaying ID
  • Student should note that security guard/NICMAR staff is instructed to take body temperature and keep a proper record of the same (students with fever, cold, cough, etc. will be referred to the resident doctor, and further action will be based on the doctor’s advice).
  • On arrival, student will report to the hostel office and collect the keys to their allotted room. All the students are advised to occupy his/her allotted room only after registration in the respective hostel lobby and expected not to wander out of the

Before student travel, please ensure

  • Student need to carry a minimum of 5 face masks, a sanitizer bottle, and five pairs of hand
  • Student should bring their own water bottle and should not share the same with
  • Student should consult a doctor and avoid travel if you have a fever, cold, cough, respiratory problems,
  • A student must keep a proper record of the health and travel history and submit the same as and when required by the Hostel office/Concerned
  • Student should cooperate with the NICMAR staff at hostel and campus

Safety measures at entry/ exit points

  • Adequate arrangements of thermal scanners, sanitizers will be available at all entry and exit points, including the reception
  • Student should avoid crowding at entry/ exit points.
  • Student should note that monitoring of the entry and exit of the students will be done by the security staff/NICMAR
  • Screening of students and visitors, wearing of face covers/ mask, and sanitizing hands, etc., will be ensured at all entry
  • Students/visitors having symptoms of fever, cough, or difficulty in breathing will not be allowed to enter the campus.

Classrooms/computer labs/workshops

  • All classrooms/computer labs/workshops earmarked for teaching-learning will be thoroughly disinfected before the commencement of the
  • Windows and doors of the classrooms, other rooms to be kept open for
  • All students should sanitize their hands before entering the classrooms/computer labs/workshops using sanitizer provided and kept on every
  • All students should wear face masks within the campus premises.
  • All students should maintain physical distancing from each other to ensure social distancing
  • Institute will conduct off-line as well as online classes in appropriate batches as required in the present
  • Students will be informed appropriately regarding their workshop class sessions, project works, assessment, and placement /internship activity
  • Faculty members/Programme coordinators/Staff may ensure students sit at marked/allocated seats maintaining social distancing and wearing face covers /masks in the classes, laboratories, or within the campus
  • Prior permission will be necessary for organizing any student activities on


  • The entire library and reading room areas will be thoroughly disinfected before the commencement of the
  • All students should sanitize their hands before entering the library/reading room areas by using sanitizer, which will be provided and kept at the library
  • All students should maintain physical distancing from each other to ensure social distancing
  • Library staff will ensure no over-crowding of students at one place or

Canteen/ dining areas

  • The entire canteen/ dining areas will be thoroughly disinfected before the commencement of the day. This will be carried out every day to ensure proper hygiene and
  • All the utensils will be thoroughly washed and cleaned in hot water before put to use for the
  • Vegetables will be washed under running water before
  • All cooking staff engaged there will invariably use face masks, frequently wash their hands with soap, and wear thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  • Kitchen and dining areas will be having enough ventilation to ensure there is no suffocation experienced.
  • Every student will follow predefined mess
  • All students should maintain physical distancing from each other to ensure social distancing protocol at canteen/ dining
  • Hand sanitizers will be kept at various places to promote their use by the


  • All open and common areas like entrance areas, corridors, balconies, socializing/entertainment areas, staircases, dining halls, door & windows opening in the corridors/walkthrough, etc., will be thoroughly
  • All the residents in the hostels will be necessarily using face masks when moving out of their
  • Students are advised to regularly sanitize their mobiles, laptops, audio, video, and other media accessories
  • All the students must follow physical distancing in the entertainment
  • The Hostel staff/Hostel warden will ensure that the hostel occupants follow all desired guidelines, and necessary discipline/order is
  • Students are advised to make use of a staircase to avoid the crowd in lifts. Students must maintain a safe distance while using the stairs as well as
  • Self-monitoring of health and reporting of any illness at the earliest is expected from all the students. Further, students are advised not to hide any sickness for their
  • Student must wear mask and practice physical distancing all the time inside or outside the hostel. If any student found without a mask/face cover outside his/her room or spitting anywhere within the campus shall be liable for a fine of Rs 2000/- per
  • Student may be asked to take the RT-PCR test if found suffering from any health issue or suspected case, or symptomatic patient detected on the
  • If need be, the student will have to pay his / her medication or hospitalization
  • In the prevailing situation, students are required to restrict their movement within the campus only. In case of emergencies, they have to venture out only after prior approval of the hostel
  • Students can use the cafeteria, laundry shop, and general and stationery store on the campus by maintaining physical distancing
  • If any student is suffering from cough, cold, or fever, should inform the following staff members over the

Please provide a valid CSV file.

Protocol to be followed in case of detection of a suspected case of COVID-19

  • As soon as a student is detected COVID-19 positive, such student will be immediately isolated. All close contacts will be quarantined, and symptomatic ones to be immediately tested.
  • All the suspected or infected students will be placed in an isolated room or area earmarked by the institute for isolation
  • Use mask/face cover till he/she is declared COVID-19
  • The designated public health authority will be notified. Accordingly, further action will be initiated regarding the management of the case, his/her contacts, and the need for disinfection.
  • Disinfection of the premises will be taken up if the person is found
  • For a suspect or a case detected in a hostel, the student will not be sent back to his/her home as it may lead to the spread of the
  • Each student should follow all protocols as advised by the concerned

Besides this, students should strictly follow the NICMAR CODE OF CONDUCT