Centre for Smart and Resilient Development

Urban Planning Dialogue Series

INDIA@2047: Role of Planners

Event Dates: 25th Feb, 4th March, 11th March 2022


The central government has started working on a blueprint for "India@2047" – a vision plan for a "future-ready India" to honour the country's 100th year of independence. Urban planning and infrastructure are one of the key focus areas in this vision. A report by NITI Ayog from 2021 titled "Reforms in Urban Planning Capacity in India" has highlighted the need for strengthening urban planning capacity in the country. The parliament budget 2022 has also put a spotlight on urban planning, recommending many measures to improve the same. Given this background, the Urban Planning Dialogue Series on 'INDIA@2047: Role of Planners' was organised in the month of February and March 2022 to initiate discussion among the planning and development professionals to identify and strengthen the role of planners in our future cities and challenges involved in the same.

The event was convened by Dr Rahul Deshpande and coordinated by Prof. Shruti Vaishampayan. Prof. Dr Anil Kashyap, Director General, NICMAR delivered the welcome note and set the context of the event. Each presentation was followed by Q&A at the end of each session. The sessions were attended by 190 participants in total, including NICMAR faculty, students and external participants.


February 25th, 2022​ - Development Plan of Pune Metropolitan Region 2041

Shri. Abhiraj Girkar,

Joint Director, Town Planning, Maharashtra State, and Metropolitan Planner at Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA).

Shri. Abhiraj Girkar presented a detailed case study of the Development Plan of Pune Metropolitan Region year 2041 and the challenges faced by planners during preparation of the plan. He gave a comprehensive idea of the growth patterns and development of Pune. He explained the techniques used to prepare the plan, including surveys, data collection and GIS-based modelling based on which the development plan was proposed. The role of planners in the preparation and execution of development plans was discussed.

March 4th, 2022​ - Town Planning Schemes

Shri. Avinash Patil,

Director, Town Planning and Valuation Department, Maharashtra State

Shri. Avinash Patil briefed about the importance of land pooling techniques for the organised development of cities. He elaborated on the procedures of formulation of town planning schemes and the regulatory requirements of the same. The challenges faced in the preparation and execution of the town planning schemes were discussed.

March 11th, 2022​ - Case Studies in Urban Planning

Shri. Deepak Bhavsar,

Independent Planning and Real Estate Consultant

Shri. Deepak Bhavsar presented his journey as a planner through his select works. He also presented various case studies on redevelopment, TOD, real estate, and planning projects, highlighting future planners' skills.