Centre for Smart and Resilient Development

Valuation of Properties Workshop

Event Date: 11th and 12th March 2022


A workshop on 'Valuation for Real Estate Sector' was organised by NICMAR CSRD for the faculties of NICMAR on 11th and 12th March 2022. The real estate sector comprising housing, retail, hospitality, commercial etc., is one of the most globally recognised sectors. The need for property valuation arises in many decisions in real estate projects like investing, managing, disinvesting and financing. But valuations of real estate properties are market-specific and unique to a physical context. In cognisance of India's growing real estate sector, NICMAR had solicitously organised this workshop that was delivered by the eminent speaker Shri Sunil Agarwal.

Shri Sunil Agarwal,

Founder, Black Olive Ventures


The workshop began with a discussion on the concepts and terminologies involved in the valuation of properties. The deliberation was on the assumptions made for valuation and the various reasons for which valuation of properties is done. The participants brought in multiple scenarios, and the facilitator elaborated on how that situation can be assessed for valuation.

The valuation methods, including residual value, market, and cost and income methods, were discussed with the help of scenario building and problem-solving. It gave the participants insight into the kind of data required for valuation and the procedure to carry out the valuation of land and properties.

Real-life cases of valuation of open land, commercial property, hotels etc., were discussed. This helped the participants understand the lifecycle of a valuation task, including different contexts and purposes.

The workshop was a fruitful way for the participants to gain insights into the applications of the valuation of properties. It bridged the gap between the theoretical knowledge of valuation and its practices.

Glimpses of the Workshop