Centre for Smart and Resilient Development

Centre for Smart and Resilient Development

Research Domains

Centre’s Activities

Urban and Regional Development: Sustainable and equitable development of different geographical areas of a country is intrinsic to its growth. Cities and regions are facing several challenges. CSRD works towards finding solutions to these challenges through its research and contributions in land use planning, statutory planning, governance, housing, urban renewal, smart cities and GIS-based spatial analysis.

Real Estate Development and Management: Real estate plays a significant role in shaping the built environment by fulfilling societal needs and market demands of functional space. It is a multifaceted endeavour involving diverse stakeholders like consumers, developers, regulators, financiers and investors. CSRD engages with various stakeholders in research on consumer behaviour, real estate economics, real estate development and management, market intelligence, law and regulations.

Project Management: Fundamental understanding of Project Management is the key to completing complex and challenging projects more efficiently. CSRD project management related research involves processes, methodologies, strategies, governance, sectoral studies integrated with technology-enabled and functional areas of project management.

Infrastructure Development and Management: Infrastructure forms the backbone of the economic and social growth of the community. Funding and fulfilling the infrastructure gap is a pressing challenge for India. At the same time, balancing growth with environmental concerns is crucial for a resilient future. CSRD includes research on various infrastructure development sectors, policy frameworks, planning and development, operations management and asset management.

Energy and Environment: Growing population, urbanisation and economic growth strains the natural environment and stretch the ecosystem services. In the era of climate change and demand for emission control, it is needed to research and explore alternatives and solutions that are innocuous to the environment. CSRD is committed to play its part in the universal mission to mitigate climate change by researching and working in sustainable development, renewable energy, climate action, disaster resilience and mitigation, energy efficiency, green buildings and green infrastructure.