About PGD in HS

Post Graduate Diploma in Health and Safety (PGD in HS)

Programme Duration: One Year Full Time

The PGD in Health and Safety has a curriculum design that broadly falls under the following streams:

The students are offered a wide choice of course that suit their career interests and goals. The first-semester curriculum includes various general management courses apart from program core courses to improve students’ understanding of key aspects in business management. During the second semester, the specialised areas of industry are introduced to develop in-depth knowledge of the field. Practical experience is also gained by the students through site visits and internship. Project work under the supervision of guide, develops skills in scientific analysis of problems and report writing. Computer application skills is clubbed with information technology for managing complex projects.


Semester – I
Sr. No. Course Name
1 Principles of Health and Safety Management
2 Safety Engineering I
3 Organization and Assessment of Safety Performance
4 Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health and Safety
5 Industrial Hazards and Emergency Management
6 Principles of Management
7 Data Analysis for Safety Management
8 Seminar
9 Internship [8 weeks] – Industrial Training
Semester – II
Sr. No. Course Name
10 Safety Engineering II
11 Safety and Health Legislation
12 Fire and Electrical Safety Management
13 Safety Management on Construction Sites
14 Building Vulnerability Analysis and Assessment
15 Risk Management
16 Information and Communications Management
17 Project Work