Construction is the core competency of NICMAR University. The School of Construction offers niche and highly recognised programme of NICMAR University i.e. MBA in Advanced Construction Management. The programme helps the technically qualified Engineers and Architects to develop requisite managerial skills and sharpen the technical skills to manage complex and large engineering projects. The Industry – Academia interface and constant research efforts of the school keep the courses in line with the requirements of construction industry at large. The other programmes housed in this school are Post Graduate Diploma in Quantity Surveying and Contracts Management. The programmes in the school are focused on the understanding of fundamental concepts of construction world in which the construction managers operate. Aspects of general management, project management, real estate project developments, etc. are also included in the programmes.


To create an ecosystem for excellence in construction management, for nurturing value-driven construction leaders with the latest skills and entrepreneurial mindset, to foster innovative approaches for the advancement of the construction industry leading to service of the nation


  • Have a unique, competent and industry-relevant curriculum with outcome-based learning facilitated by innovative pedagogical approaches, and world-class infrastructure.
  • Enhance students’ cognitive, analytical, and behavioral competencies, abilities and skills that give them the confidence to meet global construction challenges.
  • Facilitate student-centric learning environment and mentoring with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for value-driven holistic development and to groom versatile construction professionals.
  • Develop an ethical and socially responsible entrepreneurial attitude and innovative approach to lead the teams towards excellence.


Our work is driven by our values – sustainability, resilience, critical inquiry and innovation, collaboration, leadership, and impact – which are central to the philosophy that guides our teaching-learning processes and research:

We strive to respect the context of our environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We promote a resilient and adaptive built environment that is anchored in long-term suatainability.

We engage critical enquiry and strive for innovations to facilitate meaningful transformation in the built environment.

We collaborate across disciplines and communities to ensure people-centered approaches in shaping the built environment.

We nurture committed leaders who uphold our values and lead by example as a built-environment professional.

We are committed to address critical challenges observed in the local, national and global contexts in tune with the national vision.

Programmes Offered

ACM is an interdisciplinary MBA programme offered by School of Construction which builds upon the concepts and practices of management, engineering, architecture, planning, law, information technology, social and behavioural sciences and combines theory with application.


Construction industry has become more competitive, complex and challenging. Hence, there is a need for a more specialised workforce that can handle these works with ease and expertise. At the same time, effective budgetary control measures along with timely completion of the project is the need of the hour.



Interim Dean


Dr. Goel Amit

Qualification: B.E. (Civil) PEC, M.E.(Highway Engineering) PEC, Ph.D. (Transportation Systems Engineering) IIT Kanpur)

Specialization: Transportation Engineering, Road Asset Management Systems, PMS, NDT&E of Civil infrastructure, Automated robotic condition Inspection, Emerging Materials, Road Safety; Airports, Building Information Modeling

Program Director


Dr. Yadav Smitha
Sr. Associate Professor

Qualification: B.E.(Civil), M.E., Ph.D.(Civil Engg.)

Specialization: Estimation & Qty Svy, Tendering Bidding & Contracting, Foundation Engg.

Programe Director


Dr. Malsane Sagar
Associate Professor

Qualification: B.Arch, M.Sc.(Construction Management), Ph. D.

Specialization: Building Information Modelling, Design Management, Sustainable Development Management, Building Design and Construction Innovation, Research Design and Execution, Quantities using REVIT

Program Director


Dr. Patil Smita
Associate Professor

Qualification: BE(Civil), M.Tech(Construction Management), Ph.D (Civil), MCM (Computer Management)

Specialization: Estimation & Quantity Surveying, Contracts & Tenders, Construction Management, Construction Techniques


Dr. Agarwal Anil
Sr. Professor

Qualification: Ph.D.(Civil Engg.), MCP, MIE, Chartered Engg.

Specialization: Construction Methods & Practices, Project Management, Value Engineering, Estimation &Costing


Dr. Gokhale C.S.

Qualification: B.E (Civil), M.E-(Foundation Engg), Ph.D. (Civil Engg.)

Specialization: Geotechnical Engineering, Coastal and offshore structures

Pic-Rajesh Goyal (1)

Dr. Goyal Rajesh

Qualification: BE (Civil), M. Tech. (Structural Engg), Ph.D (Civil), Post Doct. Fellowship (PDF) - FACH AACHEN Germany

Specialization:Wind effects on structures, Design of high strength concrete, High performance concrete, Sustainable design & construction


Dr. Pawar Amol
Sr. Associate Professor

Qualification: M E Civil (Construction & Management), Ph.D. (Civil Engineering)

Specialization: Construction management, Construction Materials, Disaster Management


Prof. Rajput Babalu
Associate Professor

Qualification: B.E. Civil, M.E.(Construction & Management)

Specialization: Construction Equipment Management, Construction Methods & Technology, New Technology and Materials


Dr. Bhoyar Sanjay
Associate Professor

Qualification: M.E.(Construction Management), Ph.D.( Civil Engineering)

Specialization: Project Management, Quantitative methods, Infrastructure Development Project, Quality Management


Dr. Gandage Abhijeet
Associate Professor

Qualification: BE(Civil), M.Tech(Construction Management), Ph.D(Civil Engg)

Specialization: Construction Techniques, Construction Technology, Project Management, Construction Materials, Transportation Engineering


Prof. Sangapurkar Abhijeet
Associate Professor

Qualification: M.Tech.(Construction & Management), B.E Civil, PGD (ACM)

Specialization: Management of Safety and Health Construction Quality Management, New Technologies & Materials


Dr. Roy Debopam
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: B.E.(Construction Engineering), M. Tech. (Construction Management), Ph.D.(Civil Engineering)

Specialization: Infrastructure Management, Contract Management

Dr. Patil Nilesh
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: BE (Civil Engineering), M.Tech. (Construction Management), Ph.D. (Civil Engineering)

Specialization: Construction Technology and Management, Quality Management in Construction, Sustainable Infrastructure Development, Project Management Softwares (SPSS,MSP), Financing Infrastructure Projects


Prof. Soneji Jeetu
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: B.E (Civil), M.Tech (Civil)

Specialization: Project Planning & Monitoring, Contracts


Dr. Tenepalli Jai Sai
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: B.Tech(Civil),M. Tech(Structural Engineering),Ph.D.(Civil Engineering)

Specialization: Design & Drawing of Reinforced concrete structures, Concrete Technology, Estimation Costing & Valuation, Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures


Prof. Reddy Harish
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: BE(Civil),ME(Highway Engineering), PMP

Specialization: Building Construction, Pavement Evaluation and Management Systems, Urban Transport Planning


Prof. Shrivas Abhishek
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: BE (Civil), PGP-ACM

Specialization: Project Management, Contracts Management, Material Management


Dr. Deepak M.D.
Assistant Professor (Grade I).

Qualification: Ph.D., M. Tech.(Construction Engineering and Management), BE(Civil)

Specialization: Construction Safety Management, Project Management, Materials Management, Health, Safety and Environment Management


Prof. Goel Ashish
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: BE (Mech), M.Tech (Construction Tech. & Management)

Specialization: Contracts Management, Tendering & Bidding, Project Management in EPC Projects


Prof. Halder Aritra
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: B.Tech (Civil), M. Tech.(Construction Technology & Management)

Specialization: Construction Management, Project Planning & Control, Project Delivery Models, Project Success Factors, Lean Construction, Project Management Softwares, Cost Management, Quantity Estimation


Dr. Kore Sudarshan
Assistant Professor (Grade II)

Qualification: Ph.D.(Civil Engineering),M.E.(Structural Engineering), B.E.(Civil Engineering)

Specialization: Steel Structures, Construction Materials,Construction Methods and Technologies, Estimation and Costing, Concrete Properties


Dr. Shashank B. S.
Assistant Professor (Grade II)

Qualification: Ph.D.(Civil Engineering), M.Tech(Construction Technology),B.E.Civil)

Specialization: Construction Management, Valuation Engineering, Concrete Technology, Disaster Management


Prof. Prahlada R.
Assistant Professor (Grade II)

Qualification: BE(Civil), M.Tech.(Marine Structures)

Specialization: Ports & Harbours, Coastal process & modeling, Soft computing techniques


Dr. Tikate Hindavi
Assistant Professor (Grade II)

Qualification: Ph.D(Construction Technology and Management ), M.Tech(Construction Technology and Management), B.Tech (Civil)

Specialization: Construction Technology and Management, Building Information Modelling(BIM), Construction Materials and Equipment


Prof. Ramachandra Ajaya
Assistant Professor (Grade II)

Qualification: BE (Construction Technology & Management), M.Tech -(Construction Technology & Management), Post Graduate Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution (PGDADR)

Specialization:Project Planning & Management, Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, Contract Management, Quantity Surveying & Estimation