Student Activities

Student Activities

Students’ training at NICMAR goes beyond the confines of classroom and curriculum. In order to uphold the total personal and academic development of the students, the institute promotes various events and club activities encompassing diverse areas, i.e. sports, cultural, literary, technical, design, theatre etc. A variety of events, fests and activities are organised throughout the year which ensure that the extra-curricular segment of NICMAR is always vibrant and creative. The Student activities provide a nice platform to the students to showcase their talents.

Student life at NICMAR is a mixed bag of serious learning and serious fun. With students from all over India and with diverse cultural backgrounds, it is truly a great place to learn team building in a practical way. The challenging array of Student Activities, which are truly Of, For and By the students, add colour and value to the life here.

Head-Student Activities
1. Perception Edition 1

NICMAR Pune launched its first student-initiated college centred publication in the form of a newsletter, titled 'Perception' in September 2017. The newsletter is an attempt to showcase the activities of the Institute to the world outside along with highlighting some of the core achievements of the student fraternity while also using this platform to inform the community at large on some of the updates of the CRIP sector.

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2. Perception Edition 2

From conceptualizing and designing the first edition, the Editorial team tried scaling things up with Edition 2, where the core concentration was to expand the focus areas thus creating a broad and diversified content base. With several interesting contributions and a larger content field, the aim was to indulge maximum reader concentration while making forth coming editions a mainstay in the life of not just NICMAR, but the entire CRIP sector at large. This edition was released on 18th March 2018, during the proceedings of the Annual Alumni Meet.

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3. Perception Edition 3
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4. Perception Edition 4

Taking a break from the mundane lifestyle, the edition 4 hopes to bring out an optimistic approach to everything around. With a more colorful and cheerful edition this time, the main idea was to put a thought into everyone's mind that is not only relevant but also thought provoking. This bi-annual publication covers all the recent updates associated with NICMAR Pune.

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Perception is planned as a bi-annual publication covering all the recent developments associated with NICMAR Pune.


Students Council members of NICMAR who are primarily responsible for the coordination between all students and the college. They serve as the link between the student body and the NICMAR management.


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Students Council members of NICMAR who are primarily responsible for the coordination between all students and the college. They serve as the link between the student body and the NICMAR management.

India, with its ‘Unity in Diversity’ is certainly reflected in the life at NICMAR; never a step behind when it comes to celebrating the wonderful gifts of our magnanimous culture. These celebrations do keep the spirit of true NICMARIANS alive; where the hostel is more of a home, making us aware from time to time that we belong to “united India” and we are “united NICMARIANS”.
1. Republic Day
2. Sankranti and Lohi
3. Janmashtami
4. Independance Day
5. Onam
6. Navratri Ustav
7. Ganesh Utsav
8. Christmas
9. Teachers Day
Student Awards: Making NICMAR Proud
NICMAR students have proved themselves to be the best at both academic and extra-curricular activities time and again. The professionalism and competitive spirit that typifies a successful manager has been exuded by the NICMAR students in the recent competitions and events conducted by various training institutions in India.
Details of Awards won in Inter-College Sports Competitions
Details of Awards won in Inter-College Cultural Competitions
Details of Awards won in Inter-College Sports Competitions-2018-2019

The Students’ body of NICMAR has formed various clubs to encourage and initiate various activities throughout the year. Apart from providing an avenue for students to showcase their immense talents, these clubs also encourage students to take the initiative in organizing events and set new standards of excellence. The students pursue a different array of activities in spite of their hectic academic schedule.

Literary Club: Quench

Quench is not just limited to being a conventional literary club. It is a platform put together by the students of NICMAR, Pune to quench your creative thirst. It is a collaboration of enthusiasts of not just literature but cinema and culture and has members who love to come together to discuss any and everything that goes on in the world. Quench is a medium to explore your existence in the world that surrounds you through various events and methods.

FULCRO:The Research and Development club

The club conducted bi-weekly meets this year wherein the mentors helped the students understand the purpose and process of carrying out research and publishing papers.  The mentors conducted six meets for discussing the students’ research findings and making suggestions for further study. As an output, two teams have presented and published research papers. The mentors are keen on producing more output through the club by actively involving students in research.

MIRAGE:The Photography Club

A club for all the photography enthusiasts who believe that all the feelings can be captured by the lens. This club is formed by individuals who capture the smallest of the small things and the biggest of the big, who have an eye to capture the minutest and the most abstract details. This is a club for all the enthusiastic shutterbugs who believe that life is a story that can be told through photographs.

Start-up Club

The club has been actively holding weekly meets to engage students in discussions related to different aspects of business and the start-up world. A total of 12 sessions were conducted this year. Each session had one aspect/operation of running a business be it marketing, financing, product development etc. Upon thorough discussions on these aspects, start-up of the day and start-up news of the week, were presented by the club mentors. This year, the club has hosted talks by Mr. Siddharth Nahta, Mr. Arpan Bansal, Mr. Sachin Amarnath, Mr. Rohan Carvalho, Mr. Aditya Oza and Mr. Kunal Gupta. All of the speakers were NICMAR Alumni who have been successfully running start-ups in different sectors.

Cultural Club- Dance Club, Music Club, MAD Club and Fashion Club

The club meets are conducted once a week for competitions and in-house performances. The current clubs consist of the junior batch students who receive constant support and guidance from the senior club members. All clubs have won various prizes at intercollegiate level, and they have also performed for ILCC 2019 and ICCRIP 2019 organized by NICMAR, Pune.