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Distance Programmes

At NICMAR, broadly, we conduct two types of Executive Development Programmes to cater the needs of working professionals. These are:

While the company based programmes are fully customized and conducted to meet the specific needs of an organization, the open-enrollment programmes are meant for anyone who is eligible to apply. Such open-enrollment programmes are arranged at all the centers (Pune, Hyderabad, Goa and Delhi NCR) of NICMAR.

The company based programmes are arranged based on the requests received from organizations. Such programmes are either for:

All Executive Development Programmes are generally conducted from any of the following areas:

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Programme Duration

The duration of the company based programmes is determined based upon the content to be covered. Generally, the companies prefer to have long and medium duration programmes for keeping engaged their employees throughout the year. NICMAR extends all kinds of help and support to the companies to develop the course curriculum, deliver the programme/s in most flexible manner so that the participants continue to learn (completely stress free environment) while they are on the job. NICMAR also helps in carrying out the evaluation and assessment (optional) of the participants for a given programme for the best satisfaction of the employer.

Programme Fees

NICMAR is a not for profit Institute. Hence, it always assigns top priority to impart high quality training at optimum cost. Standard fees are offered for all types of programmes.

Award of Certificate

On completion of the programme, the participants are eligible to receive Institute’s Certificate subject to fulfilling the conditions laid down.

Training Facilities

For On-Campus training programmes, following facilities are provided throughout all campuses of NICMAR



  • Soft Skills in Construction
  • Business Leadership in Construction Projects
  • Construction Project Management
  • Human Resource Management in Construction
  • Managing Construction Projects with MSP & P6
  • Estimation and Quantity Surveying in Construction
  • Contracts and Claims Management
  • Contracts and Commercial applicable to Construction Projects
  • Construction Technology Management
  • Computer Application in Quantity Estimation and Project Planning
  • Computer Application in Contract Management
  • Maintenance, Repair and Retrofitting of Buildings
  • Construction Productivity Improvement
  • Construction Project Finance
  • Construction Materials Management, Stores and Inventory Control
  • Construction Quality Management
  • Construction Safety Management
  • Construction Equipment Management
  • Construction Site Administration and Control
  • Green Building and Sustainability
  • ERP in Construction


  • Soft Skills in Project Management
  • Project Team Building and Leadership
  • Business Leadership in EPC Projects
  • Project Management for EPC Organisations
  • Process Engineering and Project Management for EPC Organisations
  • Project Marketing and Business Development
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Cost Estimation and Cost Control
  • EPC Project Finance
  • Managing Projects with MSP & P6
  • Contracts and Commercial applicable to EPC Projects
  • Contracts and Claims Management
  • Computer Application in Contract Management
  • Project Procurement and Materials Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Safety Management


  • Soft Skills in Real Estate Construction
  • Future Leader Development Prog. in Real Estate
  • Real Estate Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate Construction Project Management
  • Advanced Business Dev. Prog in Real Estate
  • Technical Concepts for Real Estate Executives
  • Market Research for Real Estate Business
  • Legal Environment for Real Estate Business
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Sustainability
  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Financing Urban Infrastructure
  • Computer Application in Quantity Estimation and Project Planning
  • Computer Application in Contract Management
  • Managing Projects with MSP & P6
  • Contracts and Claims Management
  • Safety Management


  • Business Leadership in Infrastructure Business
  • Infrastructure Project Management
  • Management of Public Private Partnerships
  • Managing Risk in Infrastructure Project
  • Transportation Economics
  • Infrastructure Project Finance
  • Highway Project Development
  • Construction of Mass Rapid Transit System
  • Bridge Construction Technology and Management
  • Management of Underground Construction and Marine Structures
  • Pipeline Engineering Systems
  • Port and Airport Infrastructure Systems
  • Energy and Power Infrastructure Management Systems
  • Electricity Transmission and Distribution Systems
  • Smart Grid Technology and Applications
  • Urban Water and Wastewater Management
  • Management of Oil and Gas Projects
  • Management of Ship Building Projects
  • Management of Aircraft Manufacturing Projects
  • Geography Information Systems and Remote Sensing
  • Information Technology and Information Systems for Project Mgt..