Centre for Startup and Incubation


  1. Assisting innovators to develop new ideas/products/business plans
  2. Creating new enterprises in the area of construction and project management by seeking proposals from budding entrepreneurs
  3. Incubating startups by providing logistical support, administrative services, knowledge transfer, networking opportunities, and mentorship.
  4. Incubating Micro and Small Enterprises involved in the AEC sector and helping them to scale up business operations.
  5. Liasioning with authorities for various statutory compliances and facilitating seed funding through various Government schemes  
  6. Creating networking opportunities for startups to access capital through Seed Funding, Angel Investment, Venture Capital, Private Equity etc.
  7. Facilitating the growth of entrepreneurs and startups by networking them to the local and national entrepreneurship ecosystem
  8. Connecting with NICMAR Alumni for mentoring, business development and funding opportunities.
  9. Fostering entrepreneurial spirit and disseminating knowledge about business opportunities through workshops and short term courses

The centre seeks to support all stakeholders of the NICMAR community (students, alumni, faculty, staff) as well as the Indian construction community at large, to translate innovations and opportunities into commercially viable business ventures. The admission to the incubation centre is open to aspiring startups in the AEC sector with at least one promoter from the NICMAR community.

Short term goal

Setting up of an in house center comprising digital infrastructure relevant to build environment requirements which acts as a site for practical demonstrations.

Focus areas


Contact for information:

NICMAR-Centre for Digital Constrction