School of Construction Management

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Dr. Anil Agarwal
Sr. Professor

Qualification: Ph.D.(Civil Engg.), MCP, MIE, Chartered Engg.

Specialization:Construction Methods & Practices, Project Management, Value Engineering, Estimation &Costing


Dr. C. S. Gokhale

Qualification: B.E (Civil), M.E-(Foundation Engg), Ph.D. (Civil Engg.)

Specialization: Geotechnical Engineering, Coastal and offshore structures


Dr. Goel Amit

Qualification: B.E. (Civil) PEC, M.E.(Highway Engineering) PEC, Ph.D. (Transportation Systems Engineering) IIT Kanpur)

Specialization: Transportation Engineering, Road Asset Management Systems, PMS, NDT&E of Civil infrastructure, Automated robotic condition Inspection, Emerging Materials, Road Safety; Airports, Building Information Modeling


Dr. Smitha Yadav
Sr. Associate Professor

Qualification: B.E.(Civil), M.E., Ph.D.(Civil Engg.)

Specialization: Estimation & Qty Svy, Tendering Bidding & Contracting, Foundation Engg.


Dr. Pawar Amol
Sr. Associate Professor

Qualification: M E Civil (Construction & Management), Ph.D. (Civil Engineering)

Specialization: Construction Management, Construction Materials, Disaster Management


Prof. Babalu Rajput
Associate Professor

Qualification: B.E. Civil, M.E.(Construction & Management)

Specialization: Construction Equipment Management, Construction Methods & Technology, New Technology and Materials


Dr. Sanjay Bhoyar
Associate Professor

Qualification: M.E.(Construction Management), Ph.D.( Civil Engineering)

Specialization: Project Management, Quantitative methods, Infrastructure Development Project, Quality Management


Dr. Sanjay Bhoyar
Associate Professor

Qualification: M.E.(Construction Management), Ph.D.( Civil Engineering)

Specialization: Project Management, Quantitative methods, Infrastructure Development Project, Quality Management


Prof. A. Sangapurkar
Associate Professor

Qualification: M.Tech.(Construction & Management), B.E Civil, PGD (ACM)

Specialization: Management of Safety and Health Construction Quality Management, New Technologies & Materials


Dr. Malsane Sagar
Associate Professor

Qualification: B.Arch, M.Sc.(Construction Management), Ph. D.

Specialization: Building Information Modelling, Design Management, Sustainable Development Management, Building Design and Construction Innovation, Research Design and Execution, Quantities using REVIT


Dr. Patil Smita
Associate Professor

Qualification: BE(Civil), M.Tech(Construction Management), Ph.D (Civil), MCM (Computer Management)

Specialization: Estimation & Quantity Surveying, Contracts & Tenders, Construction Management, Construction Techniques


Dr. Ramalingam Shobha
Associate Professor

Qualification: B.Arch, M.Tech (Building Technology and Construction Management), M.B.A (HRM), Ph.D (Construction Management)

Specialization: Project and Construction Management, Knowledge Management, Construction Quality and Safety Management, Construction Contracts


Dr. Gandage Abhijeet
Associate Professor

Qualification: BE(Civil), M.Tech(Construction Management), Ph.D(Civil Engg)

Specialization: Construction Techniques, Construction Technology, Project Management, Construction Materials, Transportation Engineering


Prof. Soneji Jeetu
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: B.E (Civil), M.Tech (Civil)

Specialization: Project Planning & Monitoring, Contracts


Prof. Goel Ashish
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: BE (Mech), M.Tech (Construction Tech. & Management)

Specialization: Contracts Management, Tendering & Bidding, Project Management in EPC Projects


Prof. Murali Jagannathan
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: B.Tech (Civil Engg.), M.Tech.(Construction Tech & Management)

Specialization: Construction Contracts and Claims Management, Construction Equipment Management


Dr. Tenepalli Jai Sai
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: B.Tech(Civil),M. Tech(Structural Engineering),Ph.D.(Civil Engineering)

Specialization: Design & Drawing of Reinforced concrete structures, Concrete Technology, Estimation Costing & Valuation, Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures


Dr. Debopam Roy
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: B.E.(Construction Engineering), M. Tech. (Construction Management), Ph.D.(Civil Engineering)

Specialization: Infrastructure Management, Contract Management


Prof. Shrivas Abhishek
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: BE (Civil), PGP-ACM

Specialization: Project Management, Contracts Management, Material Management

Dr. Patil Nilesh
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: BE (Civil Engineering), M.Tech. (Construction Management), Ph.D. (Civil Engineering)

Specialization:Construction Technology and Management, Quality Management in Construction, Sustainable Infrastructure Development, Project Management Softwares (SPSS,MSP), Financing Infrastructure Projects


Prof. Halder Aritra
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: B.Tech (Civil), M. Tech.(Construction Technology & Management)

Specialization: Construction Management, Project Planning & Control, Project Delivery Models, Project Success Factors, Lean Construction, Project Management Softwares, Cost Management, Quantity Estimation


Dr. Sudarsan J. S.
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: BE (Civil Engineering), ME (Environmental Engineering), Ph.D (Environmental Engineering), Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety (PGDIS)

Specialization: Environmental Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Solid Waste Management, Water & Waste Water Management, Health Safety and Management, Air Pollution Control and Management


Prof. Reddy Harish
Assistant Professor (Grade I)

Qualification: BE(Civil),ME(Highway Engineering),PMP

Specialization:Building Construction, Pavement Evaluation and Management Systems, Urban Transport Planning


Dr. Deepak M.D.
Assistant Professor (Grade I).

Qualification: Ph.D., M. Tech.(Construction Engineering and Management), BE(Civil)

Specialization: Construction Safety Management, Project Management, Materials Management, Health, Safety and Environment Management


Dr. Shashank B. S.
Assistant Professor (Grade II)

Qualification: Ph.D.(Civil Engineering), M.Tech(Construction Technology),B.E.Civil)

Specialization: Construction Management, Valuation Engineering, Concrete Technology, Disaster Management


Dr. Kore Sudarshan
Assistant Professor (Grade II)

Qualification: Ph.D.(Civil Engineering),M.E.(Structural Engineering), B.E.(Civil Engineering)

Specialization: Steel Structures, Construction Materials,Construction Methods and Technologies, Estimation and Costing, Concrete Properties


Dr. Tikate Hindavi
Assistant Professor (Grade II)

Qualification: Ph.D(Construction Technology and Management ), M.Tech(Construction Technology and Management), B.Tech (Civil)

Specialization: Construction Technology and Management, Building Information Modelling(BIM), Construction Materials and Equipment


Prof. Prahlada R.
Assistant Professor (Grade II)

Qualification: BE(Civil), M.Tech.(Marine Structures)

Specialization: Ports & Harbours, Coastal process & modeling, Soft computing techniques


Prof. Ramachandra Ajaya
Assistant Professor (Grade II)

Qualification: BE (Construction Technology & Management), M.Tech -(Construction Technology & Management), Post Graduate Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution (PGDADR)

Specialization:Project Planning & Management, Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, Contract Management, Quantity Surveying & Estimation