Centre for Smart and Resilient Development

Symposium on

Opportunities and Challenges in Road Asset Management

Event Date: 5th March 2022


Road Asset Management System is a systematic process of collection of road inventory and performance data. This data can be used for the prediction of performance during the service life, prioritisation of projects for maintenance, rehabilitation and management of the road assets cost-effectively. It combines engineering principles with sound business practices and economic rationale. It provides tools to facilitate a more organised, logical, and flexible approach to decisions making process for the asset management of the road infrastructure. CSRD organised a half-day online symposium on 'Opportunities and Challenges in Road Asset Management' on 5th March 2022 from 9 AM to 1 PM.

The objective of this symposium was to address the issues, challenges, and opportunities for road asset management in India and also the tools and techniques available for the same. The symposium was attended by about 300 participants and was addressed by four eminent speakers. The participants were academicians, field professionals, Govt. Employees and students.

Prof. Dr. Anil Kashyap, Director General, NICMAR, in his inaugural address, emphasised the need for Road Asset Management. He spoke about Road Asset Management's current scenario and highlighted the probable research opportunities in the Road Asset Management Sector. He set the tone of the symposium and emphasised the institute's desire to engage in collaborative research in this area.


Road Asset Management – Opportunities & Challenges

Dr. Veeraragavan,

Professor, IIT Madras.

Dr. Veeraragavan spoke about the overall framework of Road Infrastructure and the need for Road Asset Management. He outlined the basic operating levels of Pavement Management and the major activities involved in it. The challenges in Road Management were also highlighted.

Tools and Techniques for Road Asset Performance Data Collection

Shri Rajasekhar Rongali,

Managing Director, Coact Solutions Private Limited

Shri Rajasekhar Rongali spoke about tools and techniques used to collect performance-related data on roads. He explained in detail various instruments and equipment used for the collection of different parameters of road. He gave an insight into the future of data collection, which will be based on Artificial Intelligence.

Cloud-Based Road Asset Management

Shri Ravi Kiran,

CEO, Lonrix Limited

Shri Ravi Kiran gave an eye-opening presentation on Cloud-Based Road Asset Management Systems. He elaborated on the use of Juno Viewer Asset Management software and how it helps in interpreting the data.

Case study on Road Asset Management for Urban Areas in India

Shri Vikas V. Thakar,

Managing Director, Pavetech Consultants

Shri Vikas V. Thakar presented a case study on the development of the Road Asset Management System (RAMS) for the urban local body of Pune City. His comprehensive presentation focused on the processes, tools, and equipment used for RAMS in Pune city.

The presentations were followed by the panel discussion on how Road Asset Management can be practically implemented in India and the ways to overcome the challenges.